23 November 2009

The magic of CLOUDS

Salam alayk

I am a person who loves nature a lot!To me,"Nature is the best teacher".We can become more closer to the Creator if we can communicate and have a tight bonding with the nature.I personally loves rain,wind,trees-EVERYTHING!Praise to the ALLAH Almighty for creating such a beautiful nature for us to live with.

In this post,i want to share some magnificent pictures of CLOUDS.As we all know,clouds can forms into billion of shapes!Sometimes it can form into animal and human figure.I had witness a cloud transforming 'ALLAH' in arabic font with my own eyes.Sometimes it just can form into certain shape that hard for us to define.That's the magic of His creation.Subhanallah!!

So,have you ever seen any weirder and prettier clouds from above?Share with me :)
Well,I am not very sure weather these pictures are reliable or not.Since human's nowadays best friend is ADOBE PHOTOSHOP.Some of the pictures might seems unreal,but hey,let's just assume it all real.What a massive masterpiece right?


Mizi Jasa said...

subhanallah.. tiada yg lebih cantik dr kejadian tuhan...

AidaNadia said...

precisely my fren..:)

hamba said...

subhanallah.. cantiknyeee

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