07 November 2009

Cool School!

Salam alayk..

What's the first thing come across your mind when you see this picture?



It's a SCHOOL..indeed.. A SCHOOL!!!

Cool rite? ^_^

This is Erika-Mann Elementary School II located in Berlin.
Not only do the principles of their school seem like they were actually created for children, the school’s recently revamped environment is amazing – perhaps not surprisingly as it was designed by the kids themselves with Baupiloten, a group of architecture students.

Baupiloten projects allow the architecture students to experience all facets of a real-life project, from design to budgeting, cost control and site supervision. The students also learn to present to clients and to convince them that their solutions are viable and practical.

They developed a playful concept based on a fantastical world of the Silver Dragon. The farther into the building one moves, the stronger one feels the presence of the Silver Dragon whose spirit changes, moves, glows and shimmers.

The different spaces are called Snuffle Garden, Snuffling Room, Chill Room and Dragon’s Breath, each starting with a clean white background and offering freedom of expression in the form of flexible furnishings.

The Chill Room located on the third floor includes one and two-person seating platforms covered with foam, tarp and various textiles. Meter-high petals protect each pedestal creating little isolated cocoons, each of which is also moveable and changeable by the children depending on what they wish at the time.

OK.This school is totally off the hook!Cool design!If i have a change,i will explore and design weird and unique designs for the UMMAH!
As we can see,the design is very fun and cheerful.Of course we as muslims can do that rite?I dont want people think that ISLAM is very strict and no fun at all..
As for myself,i love fun and colourful stuff.
My favourite design concept??hehe


Source: http://www.thecoolhunter.net/kids

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