23 November 2009

The magic of CLOUDS

Salam alayk

I am a person who loves nature a lot!To me,"Nature is the best teacher".We can become more closer to the Creator if we can communicate and have a tight bonding with the nature.I personally loves rain,wind,trees-EVERYTHING!Praise to the ALLAH Almighty for creating such a beautiful nature for us to live with.

In this post,i want to share some magnificent pictures of CLOUDS.As we all know,clouds can forms into billion of shapes!Sometimes it can form into animal and human figure.I had witness a cloud transforming 'ALLAH' in arabic font with my own eyes.Sometimes it just can form into certain shape that hard for us to define.That's the magic of His creation.Subhanallah!!

So,have you ever seen any weirder and prettier clouds from above?Share with me :)
Well,I am not very sure weather these pictures are reliable or not.Since human's nowadays best friend is ADOBE PHOTOSHOP.Some of the pictures might seems unreal,but hey,let's just assume it all real.What a massive masterpiece right?


20 November 2009

Floating Mosque

Salam alayk..

Dubai, it seems, will try just about anything. The bolder and more outlandish, the better.The country has rises plenty of remarkable building sculptures.Their modern and unique designs has been a major symbol to their magnificent architectural world.One of their architecture has captured my eyes,the Floating Mosque.We might not recognized the building as a mosque because of the super massive design.It is the first impression to all the viewers.

The interior

An architecture firm in the Netherlands, Waterstudio, specializes in architecture that "makes friends with water." Its principle designers are environmental futurists, attempting to create structures for a world where water levels are much higher than today. One of their projects, which will be completed this year, is a floating mosque in Dubai. See the interior, and another concept for a floating mosque, below.

Ground Floor Plan

First Floor Plan

For the UAE , Waterstudio designed a floating Mosque. A modern and daring design for a traditional function. The interior is characterized by giant funnel-shaped transparent columns that do not only support the roof, but also allow filtered light to illuminate the inner space.

I personally admiring their talent and courage to try out whatever they think possible nor impossible.Most importantly,i am proud of them because they are Muslim Country :D Who knows one day i will get a chance to go there to see all the building with my own eyes.If i could work there as an Interior Designer,that would be better!! ^_^





17 November 2009

Si budak 'Februari'

Salam alayk..

Tadi masa tengah release tension,layanlah Facebook.Jawablah kuiz "KAJIAN DR FADZILAH KAMSAH TENTANG SIFAT MANUSIA"..Memandangkan saya ni lahir pada bulan februari,saja je la nak tahu apa katanya.Lagipun saya memang mengikuti program Dr di Astro Oasis.Ada sekali tu beliau ramalkan tentang bulan kelahiran,perwatakan manusia.Katanya,jangan terlalu percaya dengan ramalan ni..hanya sekadar ilmu.Tapi mostly apa yang beliau simpulkan memang 98% benar.Memandangkan beliau pun memang pakar psikologi.Jadi kesimpulannya,jawapan yang saya dapat daripada kuiz Facebook itu..

Berfikiran abstrak
Sukakan benda yang reality dan abstrak
bijak dan genius

Berpesonaliti yang mudah berubah
Mudah menawan orang lain
Agak pendiam, pemalu dan rendah diri
Jujur dan setia pada segalanya

Keras hati untuk mencapai matlamat
Tidak suka dikongkong
Mudah memberontak apabila dikongkong
Suka kegiatan yang lasak

Emosinya mudah terluka dan sangat sensitif
Mudah mempamerkan marahnya
Tidak suka benda yang remeh-temeh
Suka berkawan tapi kurang mempamerkannya

Sangat berani dan suka memberontak
Bercita-cita tinggi dan suka berangan-angan dan ada harapan untuk merealisasikan impiannya
Pemerhatian yang tajam
Suka hiburan dan sukan

Suka benda yang bersifat seni
Sangat romantik pada dalaman tetapi tidak pada luaran
Berkecenderungan pada benda yang tahyul (sy amat meminati fantasi)
Amat mudah dan boleh menjadi terlalu boros
Belajar untuk mempamerkan emosi.

terkejut juga dengan jawapannya!! 99% benar! ;-O Saya selalu cuba untuk men'describe' tentang diri saya,tapi tak pandai.Font yang telah saya besar dan boldkan itu,memang tersangatlah benar..yang lain pun benar gak..hehehehe...

Jadi bagus juga ada benda ni..Jadi siapa yang belum kenal AIDANADIA,itulah sifat-sifat saya..hehehe...Boleh tahan ke dengan perangai saya?? :P lalalala~


Cool Music Video of MIKA!


Uuuuu...MIKA's new song is totally off the hook!I like his video clip.It's like in a dream where there's no limit to be creative!:P Just wanna share with you guys about his unique music.

I LOVE uniqueness!!! ^_^

But unfortunately it's embedded by Youtube :( So u guys have to watch it directly from Youtube.Apology!


12 November 2009

A 'temple look-alike' Mosque?

Great Mosque of Xi'an

Salam alayk..

Dont feel surprised and stunned when you're traveling to China,you'll see none of the mosques looks like our mosque in Malaysia or any other Islamic countries.Maybe you'll feel doubt and curious to perform your prayer in a "temple look-alike" mosque.Well,this what makes China different from other countries.

Let me brief you a few history of this mosque before we go further..:

"The Great Mosque of Xian is the largest and best preserved of the early mosques of China. Built primarily in the Ming Dynasty when Chinese architectural elements were synthesized into mosque architecture, the mosque resembles a fifteenth century Buddhist temple with its single axis lined with courtyards and pavilions.

The interior

The mosque is a combination of traditional Chinese architecture and Islamic art. In Chinese style, there are a series of pavilions, with the four courtyards of the mosque between them. The wall, however, is decorated with Islamic art.

It is the only mosque in the country that is open to visitors. However, non-Muslim visitors are not allowed to enter the main prayer hall. The Great Mosque was added to the UNESCO Islamic Heritage List in 1985.

The Great Mosque, located at 30 Huajue (Change Feeling) Lane in the center of the city, is the largest and one of the most important Islamic places of worship in China. It's construction started in 742 AD, the first year of the Tianbao Era of Emperor Xuanrong’s reign in the Tang Dynasty, and additions were made during the Song (960-1279), Yuan (1271-1638), Ming (1368-1644), and Qing (1644-1911) dynasties, which makes it an ancient architectural complex representative of many periods of time.

In the Tang dynasty, Islam was introduced to China by the Arabian merchants. Many Muslims settled in China and married Han people. The Great Mosque was constructed at that time to honor the founders of Islam in China. Since then many other mosques have been erected across the county.

The ceiling

The mosque during the winter

Well,i intent to write down as many as i can about this unique mosque,but i am pretty sure no one will bother my writing instead of the pictures.So,i decided to let the pictures talk for themselves..:) Enjoy...

The Gateway

Source: http://archnet.org/library/sites/one-site.jsp?site_id=9146


07 November 2009

Cool School!

Salam alayk..

What's the first thing come across your mind when you see this picture?



It's a SCHOOL..indeed.. A SCHOOL!!!

Cool rite? ^_^

This is Erika-Mann Elementary School II located in Berlin.
Not only do the principles of their school seem like they were actually created for children, the school’s recently revamped environment is amazing – perhaps not surprisingly as it was designed by the kids themselves with Baupiloten, a group of architecture students.

Baupiloten projects allow the architecture students to experience all facets of a real-life project, from design to budgeting, cost control and site supervision. The students also learn to present to clients and to convince them that their solutions are viable and practical.

They developed a playful concept based on a fantastical world of the Silver Dragon. The farther into the building one moves, the stronger one feels the presence of the Silver Dragon whose spirit changes, moves, glows and shimmers.

The different spaces are called Snuffle Garden, Snuffling Room, Chill Room and Dragon’s Breath, each starting with a clean white background and offering freedom of expression in the form of flexible furnishings.

The Chill Room located on the third floor includes one and two-person seating platforms covered with foam, tarp and various textiles. Meter-high petals protect each pedestal creating little isolated cocoons, each of which is also moveable and changeable by the children depending on what they wish at the time.

OK.This school is totally off the hook!Cool design!If i have a change,i will explore and design weird and unique designs for the UMMAH!
As we can see,the design is very fun and cheerful.Of course we as muslims can do that rite?I dont want people think that ISLAM is very strict and no fun at all..
As for myself,i love fun and colourful stuff.
My favourite design concept??hehe


Source: http://www.thecoolhunter.net/kids


06 November 2009

My baby "SERAFINA"

Salam alayk..

Ini bukan post tentang Seni,Tazkirah atau apa yang berkaitan.Ini hanya entri santai dari saya...Hihi..Since i am the landlord of this fantasy land,i am free to do whatever i want....hihhihihihh :P

1st Nov 2009,

My baby Serafina was born!
Eiyp...Happy Birthday sayang...
U looks so adorable and fair..(yela sebab u r white in colour)
I've been dreaming to have you since ever..
Hopefully,kita nanti boleh jadi kawan baik ye...^___________^


03 November 2009


Salam alayk! ^_^

Hows our IMAN been doin today?I hope the mercy of Allah showered our day by day..InsyaAllah...

It's been a long long time i haven't posting about songs review.I'm gonna make one today..hehehe..
Recently,i'm kinda into arabic musics...Either nasheeds or non-nasheeds.I am quite sure most of us had listen to Sami yusuf,Yusuf Islam,Mesut Kurtis,Nazeel Azami etc.
Have u try to listen to Amr Diab,Tamer Hosny,Nancy Ajram?Im kinda universal in music and personally i love their tunes..Catchy!But...one of Tamer Hosny's song managed to catch my ears..

The song is about a servant of Allah whom trying to be a good person but at the same time he just couldnt escape of doing mistakes..Although he fail,he keeps trying and trying......just to seek Allah's forgiveness...
I just love the music...Let's hear it..


here are the arabic lyrics
(in case u understand it,,,)

كل مقول انا هبدا اعيش حياتى بمبدا ارجع بضعف تانى مش بس انا بضعف اوى
ايوه بفوق لما بروق واحاسب نفسى بكام سال ورجع اقول مفيش مخلوق مبيغلطش دا شىء محال
وارجع تانى اغلط تانى كانى بكلم واحد تانى انا زعلان من نفسى
حقيقى انا غلطان وضعيف وانانى
كل يوم بيعدى عليا بيعدى وينسانــــــــــــــــــــى واقول اكيد هتغير
يجى بكرة برجع فى كلامــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــ
the day after, i take my words back
على الحال ده وانا وكتير على الحال ده بقالى كتير على اللحال ده
i have been in this "situation" for a long time, and still there is more to come for us

وارجع تانى اغلط تانى كانى بكلم واحد تانى

انا ندمان على وقتى حقيقى انا مش هفضل كده فى مكانى
From: http://lyricstranslate.com

English translations..

I do not know how to change ,
Every time I say i will change instead
something happen that make me return.
Every time I say I will live my life with principle
instead i return weak again,
but i return weaker
Yes i wake up when feel better ,
I ask myself couple of question and
say there is no creature that doesn't mistake ,
this is impossible.
And later i do the mistake again
as if am talking to someone else ,
Am really sad of myself
I am real mistaken and weak and selfish
In this situation i have been a lot .
In this situation we all have been a lot .
Yes i wake up when feel better ,
I ask myself couple of question
and say there is no creature that doesn't mistake ,
this is impossible.
And later i do the mistake again
as if am talking to someone else ,
I regret this time seriously .
I wont stay like that in my place .



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