20 November 2009

Floating Mosque

Salam alayk..

Dubai, it seems, will try just about anything. The bolder and more outlandish, the better.The country has rises plenty of remarkable building sculptures.Their modern and unique designs has been a major symbol to their magnificent architectural world.One of their architecture has captured my eyes,the Floating Mosque.We might not recognized the building as a mosque because of the super massive design.It is the first impression to all the viewers.

The interior

An architecture firm in the Netherlands, Waterstudio, specializes in architecture that "makes friends with water." Its principle designers are environmental futurists, attempting to create structures for a world where water levels are much higher than today. One of their projects, which will be completed this year, is a floating mosque in Dubai. See the interior, and another concept for a floating mosque, below.

Ground Floor Plan

First Floor Plan

For the UAE , Waterstudio designed a floating Mosque. A modern and daring design for a traditional function. The interior is characterized by giant funnel-shaped transparent columns that do not only support the roof, but also allow filtered light to illuminate the inner space.

I personally admiring their talent and courage to try out whatever they think possible nor impossible.Most importantly,i am proud of them because they are Muslim Country :D Who knows one day i will get a chance to go there to see all the building with my own eyes.If i could work there as an Interior Designer,that would be better!! ^_^




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