31 July 2009

Garden of the Islamic World

The Qu'ran has many references to gardens and the garden is used as an earthly analogue for the life in paradise which is promised to believers.

Allah has promised to the believing men and the believing women gardens, beneath which rivers flow, to abide in them, and goodly dwellings in gardens of perpetual abode; and best of all is Allah's goodly pleasure; that is the grand achievement (Qu'ran 9.72)

There are surviving Islamic gardens in a wide zone extending from Spain and Morocco in the west to India in the east. Famous Islamic gardens include the grounds of Taj Mahal in India and the Generalife gardens in Spain.

The general theme of a traditional Islamic garden is water and shade, not surprisingly since Islam came from and is generally spread in such a hot and arid climate. Four water canals typically carry water into a central pool or fountain, the four streams symbolizing the four main elements of life. The four streams may also be interpreted as the four rivers in paradise, filled with milk, honey, wine and water. Such a four-fold garden is also called a chahar-bagh.

The Islamic notion of paradise included water, shade, flowers and fruit trees such as dates and pomegranates. It was an enclosed garden, shutting out the harshness of the surrounding landscape.The basic form of an Islamic garden is based upon intersecting canals forming four quadrants.

These gardens portray images of paradise.

There are few elements entitled in arranging an Islamic Garden.Some of it are:

Water Channel

In Iran, Pakistan and India, water channels are often lined with many small fountains in a straight line throwing up crystal clear water. There can be large numbers of these small fountains in a garden.

Water channels are always straight and quite shallow and often tiled in turquoise or jade colours.

There may be little bridges across water channels. Or sometimes square stone blocks are used as stepping stones.


Taj Mahal,India

Paths and Avenue

Paths run on both sides of water channels. Often they are slightly raised.If it’s a large garden, there may be an avenue of tall trees along the outside of each path, shading strollers from the sun.

Pergolas, where plants are trained on arches to grow overhead over paths, are not especially common. But they are sometimes found in Islamic gardens.Paths are paved in some form of attractive geometric pattern. Sometimes these patterns – in tile, brick, cobbles or pebbles – are elaborate . Beautiful paving patterns, both in buildings and outside them, are important in Islamic countries. At the Alhambra there are so many different patterns of floor tile that they have been used for a ‘Find the Pairs’ card game.


These are always a regular geometric shape – never like a natural pool. Most common are octagons, rectangles and eight-pointed star shapes. But ten and twelve sided polygons and six, ten and twelve pointed stars are also used.Sometimes pools include curved shapes but these are regular and symmetrical.


An important thing about Islamic gardens is that they use many small fountains rather than a few big ones. Give an Islamic gardener some extra waterpower for fountains and they would use it for some more small fountains rather than make their existing fountains rise higher. Islamic gardens do not use giant single fountains like those often found in grand European gardens. Also, they never use human statues, like those in Italian Renaissance fountains.


Surely,we can feel such a soothing and breath-taking environment while we are in these gardens.Most importantly,it was built and created by the inspiration of the Quran itself.Not trying to imagine how does the paradise looks like,but more to feel the spiritual feeling and gain our iman and ibadah to reach the Jannah as we all know,paradise is way way way soothing than what we are created now.:)





29 July 2009

Weird shoes!Must see..^_^

Salam alayk..

I was thinking to create something unique,extraordinary yet funny things on my post.I have been googling,and guess what,i found something tickling my stomach ^_______^
Have you ever imagine of our future shoes?
These shoes might be a HIT in stores in the future!U might be the first one to queue-up in front of the store..hehe..Take a look..:)

A new era clogs?

Wanna be tall?u just need the 'heel'!:P

Admiring 'catwoman'??U might wanna try this out!

Japanese claims that robots will conquer the world in the future.This one might works!

Who said wasted paper can't be used?We have to think out of the box!haha

Looks like mr.froggy has inspired us a lot!Onk..Onk..!

This is what we called a 'Nail-heel shoes'.dare to wear??

Ur sandal has spoilt?Don't worry,it still can be used...:D

Lost in boxing game?don't give-up.Just 'wear it'!haha

Presenting..'the disaster shoes'.Spice Girls might like this..:P

So,has any of the pictures above tickles you?I bet so..hehehe...I used to be a shoe-holic before.But i had retired for no reason.Now,i am more to pumps and covered shoes..hehe.Back-to-basics.
This is just for fun.Just wanna cheer up your day.I hope i did!
Be happy!! ^_________^


Pencoroboh di blogku!


Wooo! Wooo!
I spot somethin!
Ada orang ceroboh blog ana,lepas tu ikut sikit-sikit format blog ana,copy paste lagu ana yang lagu arab nyanyian Nancy Ajram-Enta eih(skrg da tukar,kalau ikut juga,siaplah!) ,siap color code pun same!!
Ape citer ni?

Kawan-kawan sekalian,
i am thinking to change my url address then,
would u mind to change the links in ur blog?

If not,i have to set my blog into private...

untuk penceroboh tersebut,


25 July 2009

Zain Bhikha:Allah knows

Salam alayk...
How's our iman today?
How's our ibadah?
May all be good beneath His love..:)
I'm going to share with you a beautiful nasheed.
The lyrics hast just made my day.
They try to remind us,that ALLAH knows when you are suffer,depress,betrayed,down and so whatever feelings.He always there for us...
Enjoy the song!

When you feel all alone in this world
And there's nobody to count your tears
Just remember, no matter where you are
Allah knows Allah knows
When you carrying a monster load
And you wonder how far you can go
With every step on that road that you take
Allah knows Allah knows

No matter what, inside or out
There's one thing of which there's no doubt
Allah knows Allah knows
And whatever lies in the heavens and the earth
Every star in this whole universe
Allah knows Allah knows
When you find that special someone
Feel your whole life has barely begun
You can walk on the moon, shout it to everyone
Allah knows Allah knows
When you gaze with love in your eyes
Catch a glimpse of paradise
And you see your child take the first breath of life
Allah knows Allah knows
When you lose someone close to your heart
See your whole world fall apart
And you try to go on but it seems so hard
Allah knows Allah knows
You see we all have a path to choose
Through the valleys and hills we go
With the ups and the downs, never fret never frown
Allah knows Allah knows
Every grain of sand,
In every desert land,
He knows.
Every shade of palm,
Every closed hand,
He knows.
Every sparkling tear,
On every eyelash, He knows.
Every thought I have, And every word I share, He knows.
Allah knows .....


22 July 2009

The abstract sketch tells my life...

Klik gambar untuk perbesarkan

Tidak banyak yang hendak diperkatakan tentang lukisan saya ini.Apa yang saya boleh katakan ialah,setiap titik dan garisan dalam lukisan tersebut mempunyai maksud.Cuba perhatikan betul-betul daripada atas ke bawah (ikut jalan cerita).

This sketch tells my mood,feelings and what's goin on in my mind right now.:)

Boleh baca tak isi tersiratnya?

Seni itu abstrak...huhu


Pengalaman selama 3 hari..

Salam alayk..

Aduh,lama sangat rasanya saya tak update blog saya ni.Bukannya apa,saya dilanda penyakit malas dan tiada mood untuk update,memandangkan tiada cerita hangat lagi sensasi untuk dikongsikan.hehe..

Baru-baru ini,saya mulakan lagi travel saya berseorangan ke,urmmm...UKM,Puchong dan KL.Ye,UKM.Maaf sangat-sangat pada sahabat-sahabat yang lain kerana saya tidak memberitahu kalian saya ke sana.Masa sangat suntuk,saya bimbang tidak sempat untuk bertemu dengan semua sahabat-sahabat kesayangan saya disana.Saya punya hajat memulakan 'travel' saya ke KL ini...

Saya ada interview di Puchong pada hari isnin,20 Jul lepas.Jadi alang-alang ke KL,saya berkeputusan untuk bermalam sehari dua di UKM.Kenapa UKM?Entahlah...saya seolah-olah merasakan ketenangan yang luar biasa bila kaki saya jejak disitu.(Jangan tersenyum sinis ya wahai adikku-N****** :P) Tapi keadaan jadi sebaliknya pula apabila kaki saya sampai sana.Jadi tak tentu hala pula kepala ini.Pelik dan terkejut N****** tengok saya.Huhu..maafkan akak ye dik.Ada masanya,perangai akak ni sukar dijangka.So,inilah Aida Nadiah.Si 'pelik' yang awak labelkan akak tuh.Apelah,semuanya tentang akak,kelihatan pelik sahaja di mata awak eh...:P Takpelah,yang pelik itulah menjadikan kita sahabat karib.Betul tak?hihi..

Tak bahayakah berjalan jauh berseorangan??


Tak dinafikan,memanglah bahaya.Lebih-lebih lagi sebagai muslimat,kita diharuskan membawa muhrim sebagai teman apabila hendak keluar.Tapi dalam kes saya,tiada siapa yang boleh teman saya.Lagipun saya tidak mahu menyusahkan orang lain.Lagipun kalau jalan bersendirian,kita bebas untuk buat apa sahaja dan tak terikat dengan janji atau masa.

Temuduga yang saya hadiri di Puchong Jaya tersebut,berjaya.Tapi majikan memberi saya peluang untuk berfikir.Harus consider tempat tinggal,transport,dan sebagainya.Sekarang saya masih tempoh untuk berfikir.Patutkah saya terima tawaran tersebut.Tak dinafikan,saya amat sukakan working environment di sana dimana pekerja-pekerjanya terdiri daripada orang-orang muda sebaya saya!Friendly dan team-work pula tu..Lebih-lebih lagi,semua kerja akan saya handle sendiri.Tak seperti tempat kerja saya sekarang,majikan tak membenarkan saya untuk melawati tapak pembinaan dan bertemu dengan client.Uhh!Macam mana nak jadi interior designer yang hebat kalau seharian suntuk asyik memerap di dalam ofis dan memandang komputer 24 jam?Saya benar-benar excited apabila saya dibveri peluang untuk menjadi interior designer yang sebenar!!
Tapi,masalah terbesar saya ialah,
saya tak sanggup berjauhan dengan family saya.Terutamanya mama...:( Saya mudah sangat rindukannya.Alangkan baru di KL selama 2,3 hari,saya dah mula rindukannya.Aduh,macam mana ni....:( Saya memang benar-benar ingin kejar cita-cita saya sebagai Interior Designer.Saya sudah impikannya sejak di bangku sekolah lagi.Saya nak buktikan kepada mereka,saya juga boleh jadi hebat seperti mereka.InsyaAllah,saya perlu berkorban.Saya tak nak jadi manja dan cengeng.Mujahidah kena kuat!

Masalah kedua pula,
Bila saya dah bekerja di KL nanti,apa khabar iman saya?Macam mana dengan amal ibadah saya nanti?Saya tak akan bawa 'Interior Design' hingga ke liang lahad.Saya cuba untuk mencari tempat yang 'strategik'.Ada.Sebuah flat murah dan usang,tapi sangat berhampiran dengan sebuah masjid yang tersergam indah,di mana banyak aktiviti-aktiviti ilmiah diadakan di sana!Saya amat sukakan masjid.Saya sanggup berjalan jauh untuk ke sana.Tapi,kawasan flat ini sangat sangat sangat bahaya.Warga asing ramai menyewa di sana.Indon,bangla,nepal,pakistan,ah...sebut sahaja!Bimbang nanti jadi bahan fitnah pula apabila saya ke masjid berseorangan pula.Aduh....:(

Entahlah...beri saya masa untuk berfikir.Moga ALLAH memberi petunjuk.Ameen.


10 July 2009

A muslim woman killed just because of wearing 'hijab'

A pregnant woman, Marwa el-Sherbini, 32, stood in a Dresden courtroom last Thursday, testifying against a man charged with racially insulting her. Then the defendant leapt across the courtroom, and stabbed her with a knife, no fewer than 18 times. As her husband, Eliv Ali Okaz, ran to her aid, he was shot by police who mistook him for the attacker. Now Okaz lies in a critical condition in intensive care at a Dresden hospital. Mustafa, their three-year-old son, witnessed the entire ordeal.

This hideous incident all started with a headscarf. Last August, in a local park, Sherbini, an Egyptian, who has lived in Germany with her young family since 2003, working as a pharmacist, got into an argument with 'Alex W', an unemployed stock controller from Russia. Their dispute concerned whose turn it was - his niece or her three-year-old son Mustafa - to have a go on the swings at the playground there. The Russian then called her a "terrorist" and an "Islamist whore", for wearing a hijab.

Alex W was initially fined 780 euros for the incident, but after he told Sherbini, "You don't have the right to live here" at the first trial, the prosecutor sought to get a harsher sentence for his xenophobic tirade.

Despite the dramatic nature of this anti-Islamic attack, this case has received very little attention in the western press and has provoked Egypt and the rest of the Muslim world to strongly condemn Germany's "muted" response to the incident. There, much of the debate has centred on the technical details of courtroom security.

The attack comes only weeks after President Sarkozy publicly condemned the burka as a "sign of subservience" and encouraged parliamentary discussions to ban Muslim residents in France from wearing them in public.

France has Europe's largest number of Muslims, approximately five million people. But the Muslim population in Germany, many of them the Turkish workers who came in the 1960s and their children, is now close to four million - much greater than originally estimated. According to German law, four out of 16 of the country's states currently have the right to ban teachers and governmental employees from wearing Muslim headscarves in the workplace. Understandably, the attack on Sherbini and these increasing restrictions on Muslims in France and Germany have only further convinced the Muslim community of the tide of western and European intolerance waged against them.

Only a week before the attack, the UN Special Rapporteur for racism, Githu Muigai, had visited the country, and stressed that Germany "needs to turn its attention to the problems of daily racism and discrimination".

Muigau is not a lone voice. In the run up to the 2006 World Cup, Uwe-Karsten Heye, a former government spokesperson, was quoted by Der Spiegel saying that there were parts of Germany where he "would advise a visitor of another skin colour to avoid going to." In the radio interview with Deutschlandradio Kultur, Heye went on to add that, in such areas, there was the possibility that dark-skinned people "wouldn't get out alive."

Now this racism has been tragically highlighted by Sherbini's murder. Dubbed the "headscarf martyr" by the Egyptian press, Sherbini, who played handball for the Egyptian national team, has become a symbol of how Europe treats Muslims. When she was buried in her native Alexandria, leading politicians joined thousands of mourners, many of whom chanted "Germans are the enemies of God."

Since then, there have been discussions about naming a road after Sherbini, and calls to picket the German embassy. And the organisation of Egyptian pharmacists have proposed a week’s boycott of German medicine.

Source: http://www.thefirstpost.co.uk/50410,news,marwa-el-sherbini-egypt-headscarf-martyr-germany-burka-okaz-racism-sarkozy


03 July 2009


Salam alayk...^_^

The blog will be suspended starting tomorrow until 11 July 2009 due to some personal problems,which is:- i don't have any laptop nor any sources to still updating my blog since my sis will bring back my laptop to her university and my dad's laptop is with him-touring China,Hong Kong and Bangkok.

And I would like to cherish and welcome all university students whom will start their semester soon including my girls in UKM and UiTM.Struggle more to get higher score.I absolutely missing you girls.Hope we can meet very soon.;)

Don't hesitate to follow my blog and i hope all kind of informations here are feeding your 'heart'.Please wait for my updates soon,InsyaAllah.

Jaga diri,hiasi peribadi, Cinta Allah,cinta haqiqi..



02 July 2009

The frozen tears

Air mataku membeku..

Ya Illahi,
keras sudahkah hati kecilku ini untuk menangis keranaMU?
Aku pinta agar air mata ini tidak berguguran kerana sesuatu yang selain daripadaMU..
Tetapi aku mahu menangis sepuas-puasnya keranaMu.
Kerana aku temui kekuatanku apabila aku merintih menangis keranaMU.

Aku sangkakan aku kuat jika aku tabah mengharungi dugaanMU tanpa tangisan kepadaMU.
Tapi aku silap....
Tangisan itulah yang sebenarnya membuatkan aku semakin kuat.Dikala aku teresak-esak menangis,aku merasakan hatiku merah membara dipenuhi cintaMU!

Biar..biarlah insan lain memandangku seolah-olah lemah dalam perjuangan hanya kerana aku menangis,
aku tidak peduli kata-kata mereka,kerana aku pentingkan pandanganMU,
aku mahu menjadi mujahidah disisiMu,wahai Kekasihku..

Ya Rabbi,
jauhkanlah aku daripada apa sahaja yang boleh menghalang aku daripada mengejar cintaMU..
Tiada lain yang kupinta selain daripada cinta agungMU..
Jangan lekakan aku dengan cinta kepada dunia dan cinta manusia.

Ameen ya rabbal 'alamin....


01 July 2009

Photography:Muslim Kids

Salam alayk...

Dah lama ana tak berkongsi gambar-gambar islamik dengan antum kan?So,jom kita aktifkan semula aktiviti menarik itu ^_^ Tapi tema kali ini ialah: "Muslim Kids"..

Comel-comel sungguh da'ie-da'ie muda kita ni..Moga-moga kita semua dikurniakan permata-permata yang berharga seperti di atas untuk meneruskan syiar Islam.

"Rabbana hablana min azwajina wa zurriyyatina qurrata 'ayun waj 'alna lil muttaqinna imama"

Note:As usual,the pictures above are not mine.Credit to the photographers!:D



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