24 May 2009

Photography:Peter Sanders

Another magnificent Muslim Photographer!

I'm absolutely stunned by his artwork!Delightful and yet different than any others.I really adore his talent.One more thing you need to know about this photographer before you gone through his portfolio,he's a Muallaf!Subhanallah!Peter Sanders, internationally recognised as one of the worlds leading photographer of the Islamic World.
The photographer began his career in the mid-1960's covering Londons' seminal rock and roll scene, capturing now legendary music icons in a collection that is considered a classic by collectors.
“I didn’t know very much about Islam but I had dreams and various other things happened to me. So I made a decision to become Muslim without knowing too much about it. I was 24 years old at the time and within three months of becoming Muslim, I decided to go on Hajj. I didn’t have the money but I just made the intention. My elderly Muslim teacher at that time had also made the intention and I knew that I wanted to go too. Someone gave me a ticket and I went. It was at the Kaaba that I learnt that my teacher had died on the way.”-Peter Sanders.

He shot various muslims culture around the world as he travelled a lot!His scope is wide and most of his shot are mostly about peoples,culture,environment,architecture,interior and nature.Basically his intention is to bring out the beauty of Islam around the world!

"My photography has always been an extension of my life.Photography is a wonderful process - a gift from God - that has allowed me to learn so much about myself and the world around me. Its like chasing a moment, trying to capture a beautiful bird in flight." -Peter Sanders.

Sanders' photographs have appeared in many international publications, including Time Magazine, Paris Match, The Observer, The Sunday Times Magazine, Aramco World and the London based pan-Arab news magazine Al Majalla who published his work as a cover story.

His intimate photographs of the sacred cities of Makkah and Madinah are in great demand.
Peter Sanders Photography Limited includes travel, location and studio photography, a photographic library of over 120,000 slides, as well as the production of fine art prints.

This year will see the publication of his first photographic book, 'In The Shade of The Tree.' Another three are in mid-production, including one about the muslims in China.
His own website,PETER SANDERS PHOTOGRAPHY precisely tell us about his journey to the muslims country:China,Egypt,Darusalem,Kuwait,Mecca,Madina,Morocco,Malaysia and many more to describe!All pictures taken by him along his journey were also displayed.
Below are the pictures of his website.Do visit it if you want to know more about this talented photographer,InsyaAllah,you might stunned as i am too.:)

*ps:So guys,if a Muallaf can appreciate the religion that he just reverted to,what about us,born-as-a-muslim person?Do we appreciate as they are?Have we seen enough the beauty of Islam?Have we discovered the religion that we're living with?

Salam alayk.

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