22 April 2009

Interior Design:My 3D Rendering

Salam alayk!:D
Ok,for this newest post,i am going to show you guys my own 3D rendering and my own design.The rendering might be slightly stiff and unreal.This is because i am only using 3Dmax software,not Vray.I can't help wondering how to get the software! T_T somebody please help me to find it or just tell me directly because i'm tempted to use it.Huhu..Anyway,here are my OWN rendering.You can drop your 'creative thoughts' if you feel to.However,i really appreciate if you do so,because i want to improve myself either in rendering nor the design...Jazakallah! ^_____^

Living Room

Master Bedroom

Dining Room

Living Room

I am currently designing 2 kitchens,a living room and a dining.InsyaAllah i will upload it soon as long as it finished!:D


cLoVer4miza said...

wah jeleznye..
nk gak wat benda ni best..

♥AidaNadia♥ said...

ala tu sikit je yang...akak masih beginner.huhuh

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