22 June 2011

The magic of rain

Salam brothers & sisters,

If people keep to whine and complain about rain a.k.a "the bad weather",i'm totally at the opposite site.I DO LOVE RAIN A LOT~ I don't hate the sun either...because both rain and sun are playing an important role in the whole mother nature.

Reasons why i love rain?

I love to hear the water dripping sound.
I love the cold weather.
It gives me such a soothing and relaxing mood.
An effective prayer time whereby our prayer will never be rejected.InsyaAllah

Read this du'a:
اَللَّهُمَّ صَيِّبًا نَافِعًا
Allahumma Shoyyiban Na’fian

"O Allah,give us some beneficial rain(Narrated by Bukhari)

"Prayers that will never get refused are prayers during adzan and prayers during rain. (Judge/confirmed by adz-Dzahabi)"

Ok,let's relax our mind by hearing this magnificent raining sound...

if you want to add some instrumental music,play this video together.


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