04 August 2009

Islamic cartoon:NINJABI

Salam alayk

I found a very interesting blog that presenting of her own drawing of a cute lil' hijabi.She called the hijabi,Ninjabi.The cartoon is basically about conversations between the ninjabi and other people who always being stereotype,discriminating and judgementing about niqabis and of course----ISLAM.I am pretty sure that the author of this cartoon is trying to spread the message in the simplest way as she mix it up with some acceptable humors to avoid a strict yet serious way of presenting.Although there's a few of her artwork contains a very sensitive issue,like the Arabics and sort of it,i personally think that is based on the author's experience and every people have their own mind.So,let me introduce you,who is Ninjabi..^_^

Who is Ninjabi?

Ninjabi comes from the combination of the terms “ninja” and “hijabi.” A hijabi is a Muslim girl that covers her hair. The term ninjabi is meant to be a fun way to refer to hijabis in the Muslim culture. The ninjabi in this editorial cartoon is a fusion of this and a Texan identity. She reflects the voice of many Muslims who have experienced discrimination and struggle with defining their identites post-9/11. Currently the cartoon appears every Tuesday in the Daily Texan.

Pretty awesome huh?^________^
Westerns always insulting and make fun of Islam by creating cartoons with jokes(you can find plenty of it when you're googling!!).They think it's hilarious,but for us,there's no way to tickle our tummy in that villain way.

So here how the author speaks for us!

You can visit her blog for more Ninjabis

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