29 July 2009

Weird shoes!Must see..^_^

Salam alayk..

I was thinking to create something unique,extraordinary yet funny things on my post.I have been googling,and guess what,i found something tickling my stomach ^_______^
Have you ever imagine of our future shoes?
These shoes might be a HIT in stores in the future!U might be the first one to queue-up in front of the store..hehe..Take a look..:)

A new era clogs?

Wanna be tall?u just need the 'heel'!:P

Admiring 'catwoman'??U might wanna try this out!

Japanese claims that robots will conquer the world in the future.This one might works!

Who said wasted paper can't be used?We have to think out of the box!haha

Looks like mr.froggy has inspired us a lot!Onk..Onk..!

This is what we called a 'Nail-heel shoes'.dare to wear??

Ur sandal has spoilt?Don't worry,it still can be used...:D

Lost in boxing game?don't give-up.Just 'wear it'!haha

Presenting..'the disaster shoes'.Spice Girls might like this..:P

So,has any of the pictures above tickles you?I bet so..hehehe...I used to be a shoe-holic before.But i had retired for no reason.Now,i am more to pumps and covered shoes..hehe.Back-to-basics.
This is just for fun.Just wanna cheer up your day.I hope i did!
Be happy!! ^_________^


Anonymous said...

i Love your shoe style!!

Anonymous said...

wow those are cool though the nail-heel one WILL hurt lol

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