03 July 2009


Salam alayk...^_^

The blog will be suspended starting tomorrow until 11 July 2009 due to some personal problems,which is:- i don't have any laptop nor any sources to still updating my blog since my sis will bring back my laptop to her university and my dad's laptop is with him-touring China,Hong Kong and Bangkok.

And I would like to cherish and welcome all university students whom will start their semester soon including my girls in UKM and UiTM.Struggle more to get higher score.I absolutely missing you girls.Hope we can meet very soon.;)

Don't hesitate to follow my blog and i hope all kind of informations here are feeding your 'heart'.Please wait for my updates soon,InsyaAllah.

Jaga diri,hiasi peribadi, Cinta Allah,cinta haqiqi..



~najihahfaizahazaman~ said...

salam ziarah..
wah...bwajah baru,,mantop2..:)

~najihahfaizahazaman~ said...
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