05 December 2009

A land called paradise

Salam alayk..

I have a lil' something to share with u guys!! ^_^
Basically it's a video clip of song.
Better u watch it,then u'll find something fascinating...:)


ezzat said...

seen this vid before...luv the clip and luv the song
im always fascinated at how the muslims in foreign countries such as america live their lives and what they do to try and erase the negative stereotypes of islam from their non-muslim friends
its their jihad there i guess
love foreign nasheeds like this one....its country music! ahah
try out outlandish and 786 boyz for some other fresh nasheed tunes~

AidaNadia said...

indeed!it's their spirit we have to envy..they were so strong and confident even though they realize they always facing the obstacles with all the islamophobia out there..
I adore outlandish's music..catchy! ;)

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