28 June 2009

Terribly SORRY!

Salam alayk..

first thing first,a big apology to all bloggers because i'm not able to update my blog for weeks coz i was extremely busy and secondly,i have to lock up my blog because of it has just broken!

yup,my blog has spoiled.I was trying to change a new template,after a few try-and-error,i tried to update my old template again.Suddenly i found out all my widgets are gone!Including the link lists of all islamic arts website uh and of course my blogger lists...Uhhh...T________T
So now,here it is,a new template with no widget.How pathethic.But no worries,i will try to update it little by little since i'm not into blogging mode anymore..Huhu.....Dunno why.

However,i'm still pushing harder.

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