27 June 2009

May Allah bless you,MICHAEL JACKSON!

25 Jun 2009,

I was stunningly shocked when i heard the head news were reporting Michael Jackson has just passed away.It's just so unbelievable.


Besides nasheeds genre,I am the biggest fan of Michael Jackson's music,seriously.
My most favourite singer ever since i was a kid.I grew up with his songs..Plenty of his songs were my fav!U named it!

I still remember when i was a kid,my parents always tune in his video tape for me and my sis.A simple catchy way to get our attention while they're doing their own works.
His songs were immuned into my ears.He's a legend!

When the world are suprized by the news that he has just reverted to Islam,i was so happy and was hoping the news are true and reliable,not just another rumors spreading.Mikaeel Jackson is the name he chose after he reverted.May he get the peace and nur he has been searching for.

Forget about the controversy peoples made about him,either about the molesting children issue neither his surgery nor his mysterious life.He's a man who loves peace yet humble.

The cause of his death is heart complication.But until now,it's still under investigation.

As for Michael himself,I hope Allah bless you always.It's ISLAM you have been searching for to fill the emptiness in your life.I am really glad you finally found it.We just fully handle it to Allah because he knows the best!Wallahualam...

You're still my fav!

*after few researches and information regarding his exact religion,i am afraid to assume whether he is muslim or not.Allah knows everything....

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