22 July 2013

Words don't come easy

 We can't understand ourselves and we don't really expect for people to understand us either.But at least,respect our weaknesses and we will respect yours.

 We have no idea which one are you.But we believe that people won't come across into your life without any reason.Only He knows.

Instead of expecting,let us be 'the one'.So,less expectation,less worries..

Leave it ALL to Allah.He knows all even the hidden ones.

There are too many "What If's" in your brain.You should let it out and just live life as it is supposed to be.It might turn well or it might turn into horror.But..that's life.Ain't no fun if your life is so rigid without having any obstacles.May Allah give us strength.Let usbe as tough as Sumayyah,Rabiatul Adawiyah and Aishah r.a.

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