05 July 2011

My dream house

Salam brothers & sisters,

I believe everyone have their own dream house,so do i.As a designer,it would be more easier to describe what i want,in terms of the concept,colours,environment and other design element.But it's not too easy though,since i have a lot of references that can blind my eyes from choosing the right one.Oh well......Anyhow,there are few elements i would love to have and apply to my own dream house in the future,InsyaAllah...These are the things:

1. Modern tropical exterior

Arrowhead Drive Modern Architecture

Architectural House Designs wit Pool Outdoor

Love to see these modern structures!And i would really wish to have a pool inside my compound because i love swimming and as a Muslim woman,it would be appropriate since it's really hard for me to swim in the public.I would also love to have lot of glasses for my house,but,nahhh...unless i have my own land and nobody won't see me walking around inside my house without my hijab,then it's ok! :)

2. Greenery Area

I really love to live around the trees.Let it be all gardens and trees in my compound or just throw me in the forest,I won't mind.But....i really don't know gardening.So how?Oh,and if i won't be able to get those beautiful landscape,well at least i'm hoping that my fence would be like this:

Ngehehe...so fairytale right?I know.

3. Minimalist and cosy interior design

Modern Minimalist Interior Design

Stair Design

I prefer my interior would be mostly grey and white,a lil bit brown here and there and oh,also black!Yeah.But the more white and grey,the more i like it.But i would have to consider these two colors once i have kids.Huge possibility i can't maintain the cleanliness of these bright colors.Gosh!~

4. Bathroom (Very Important!)

Why is it important to me?Because i love to enjoy the time of bathing.Who doesn't?If i have my own bathroom,i would definitely make sure there are aroma therapies inside.I'm falling in love with aroma scents.Again,who doesn't?Let's check it out my dream bathroom..

I think i described pretty much what is my dream house.Phewww...pity to my future husband (Mr.Unknown).Sorry,hun!This is just a dream.My wild dream.I am very fussy and particular when it comes to choose husband interior design concept..


I guess i dream way too far and too much.Somebody please wake me up and slap me already!

*p/s: I DO NOT own any pictures in this entry &*


Mel said...

You've certainly got a detailed idea of your dream house. :) I've got a few ideas but nothing much that's set in stone. My dream house would probably be fairly small though. I want enough room to breath but no so much that the house swallows you whole.

That said, one of the things I dream about is a libary, so that's not really consistent with the house not being too big. Not that it matters, as any house with a libary will be well out of my reach. The house valuation on any property with anything other than the essentials is crazy.

I'd love it if I could have my house standing on its own little bit of land, like a lot of the Canadian houses I've seen but that's really unlikely too. It's more common for houses in England to be built in horrible great strings of properties, all stuck to each other. I'm sure there's some reason for it but it certainly wasn't to win any design awards.

Anonymous said...

I agree that the bathroom is perhaps the most important room in the house. It's the one place you can relax on your own in peace. I love your ideas for your dream house, although I'm not sure what the house valuation would be! A very expensive house indeed!

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