27 October 2009

My Photography:Malacca the historical city

Salam alayk..

Just about few days ago,we did our family gathering.So my family from kelantan were coming down to my beloved hometown in Malacca to pay a visit. So i was thinking,this is sucha great opportunity for me to capture every single moment.Not that easy as i thought,since i'm just using a normal digital camera.I can't capture the beautiful night view when we were in cruise..T__T But at least,i got something memorable at the day as we visited the Stadhuyss building.Sucha great architecture!Here are somes..Well some of my friends have seen these photos in my Facebook,but as in my blog,i still goin to share witcha!:D

Romantic moment of my parents

Green garden

Stadhuys staircase

Striking a good pose-my bro at Dataran Pahlawan

Vintage mode

Perspective of stadhuys

Te amo

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